Business Continuity Solutions, Inc. to Provide Disaster Recovery for Sanitary Skincare Giant, the Deb Group

BCS will provide both on and off-site data storage capabilities for the Stanley, NC manufacturing operation

GRANITE FALLS, N.C., Jan. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Business Continuity Solutions, Inc. (BCS)  (OTCPK: BUCS), a nationwide leader in the provision of backup and disaster recovery solutions for corporations throughout the U.S., announced today a contract to provide its disaster recovery solution to the Stanley, North Carolina manufacturing facility of the Deb Group. 

“We are very extremely excited to add a company the caliber of the Deb Group to our growing customer list,” stated Ramsey Dellinger, CEO of Business Continuity Solutions. “A household name in many parts of the globe, the Deb Group has been around for over 65 years and its executives estimate that 40 million people use their products every day. To be associated with them in any fashion whatsoever is an honor, and we feel says something about the validity of our offerings and credibility of our company.”

Deb Group, USA operations is utilizing Business Continuity Solutions local and offsite backup solution. Deb Group, USA was looking for true granular data backup locally and offsite creating true Business Continuity for our expansion of our USA operations. Business Continuity Solutions has provided a solid solution for granular backup and the technical support and training for our staff and peace of mind our data is backed up locally and offsite.

About Business Continuity Solutions, Inc.

Business Continuity Solutions, Inc. (BCS) is a rapidly emerging player in the burgeoning cloud infrastructure and disaster recovery markets.   With multiple software, hardware and managed service solutions, the Company offers the only complete “all-in-one” answer to mission-critical data backup and recovery, which enables local recovery from any type of failure in just minutes — all with the added assurance of off-site application and image backup. Through its proprietary Continuity Cloud, businesses have the ability to store, recover and manage their data without losing continuous access.  Headquartered between Asheville and Charlotte, NC, BCS also maintains data centers in three major cities.  For more information, please visit

About the Deb Group

For over 65 years, the Deb Group has been establishing skin care regimens for all types of workplace and public environments, spanning industrial, commercial, healthcare and food sectors. Deb comprises 21 companies operating in 16 countries, with Deb products sold in over 100 countries. Drawing on deep technical expertise and extensive field sales support, Deb provides employers with innovative skin care programs that maximize employee participation through carefully devised, reliable skin care systems, supported by quality products that are both pleasant-to-use and cost effective.  For more information, visit

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Contact Information:

Ramsey Dellinger, CEO

Phone:  855-221-3282


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