Cryptography Research and CPU Tech Sign Patent License Agreement for DPA Countermeasures

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Cryptography Research, Inc. (CRI), a division of Rambus, Inc. (NASDAQ:RMBS), and CPU Technology, Inc. (CPU Tech) today announced they have signed a patent license agreement regarding the use of CRI’s patented innovations in CPU Tech products. This agreement covers the use of CRI’s patented countermeasures to differential power analysis (DPA) attacks for CPU Tech’s tamper-resistant products, including the Acalis® family of secure processors. This license also covers software developed by CPU Tech customers when executing on licensed CPU Tech chips.

“CPU Tech is designing the Acalis family of advanced secure processors to provide the highest levels of protection for critical systems, IP and software,” said Pat Hays, vice president of the Acalis Business Unit at CPU Tech. “The DPA countermeasures licensed from Cryptography Research are integral to the robust security solutions we are delivering to our customers to protect against tampering and other malicious attacks.”

“DPA countermeasures are crucial to securing electronic systems and semiconductor products from malicious attacks,” said Paul Kocher, Rambus SVP and president of CRI. “We’re proud to count CPU Tech among our licensees, and are excited about the integration of DPA countermeasures into their anti-tamper processor solutions.”

DPA is a form of attack that involves monitoring the fluctuating electrical power consumption of a target device and then using statistical methods to derive cryptographic keys and other secrets. Strong countermeasures to DPA are important for securing mobile devices, bank cards, pay television systems, secure identity products, secure storage media, anti-tamper products, and other electronic systems and components. Many of the world’s leading security standards require that devices be protected against DPA and related attacks.

CRI has developed a portfolio of over 55 patents covering countermeasures to DPA attacks, with additional patent applications pending. For additional information on CRI or on the CRI DPA Workstation platform visit

About Cryptography Research, Inc.

Cryptography Research, Inc., a division of Rambus Inc., develops and licenses innovative technologies in areas including tamper resistance, content protection, network security, and financial services. Over five billion semiconductor products are secured by CRI’s technology made under license annually. For additional information please visit

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Rambus is one of the world’s premier technology licensing companies. Founded in 1990, the Company specializes in the invention and design of architectures focused on enriching the end-user experience of electronic systems. Rambus’ patented innovations and breakthrough technologies help industry-leading companies bring superior products to market. Rambus licenses both its world-class patent portfolio, as well as its family of leadership and industry-standard solutions. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Rambus has regional offices in North Carolina, Ohio, India, Germany, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Additional information is available at

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CPU Technology, Inc. is the leader in advanced embedded processor-based security solutions. CPU Tech’s Acalis® family of secure processors, supporting software and design services protect software and systems from reverse engineering, tampering threat and malicious attacks. For additional information please visit

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