Online Hosting Network Sheds Light on CNN Report, Endorsement of Affiliate Marketing Industry

PHOENIX, Jan. 23, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to a recent CNN report, the Baby Boomer Generation is officially hitting retirement age this year. As the number of retirees increases, so does the number of adult children serving as caregivers for aging parents. For those adult caregivers who are not yet at retirement age themselves, however, CNN notes a major issue, namely that of splitting the day between full-time employment and full-time care giving. In response to the conundrum posed by the CNN report, a company called Online Hosting Network has cited affiliate marketing as an ideal late-in-life career change, perfect for those who are also caring for elderly parents.

Online Hosting Network’s spokesperson notes that the concerns expressed in the CNN article are ones being faced by more and more Americans. The affiliate marketing industry, which Online Hosting Network serves, helps alleviate many of the problems with time divided between career and family concerns. As Online Hosting Network notes, affiliate marketing allows for home-based employment and very flexible scheduling. In addition, it can largely be learned on the job. Its low-maintenance nature makes it a popular choice for those seeking late-in-life career changes, and it offers the possibility of scaled-back hours.

Online Hosting Network does not offer any particular guarantee to affiliate marketers, but the company does exist to help affiliate marketers make money from home. Much of the affiliate marketing business revolves around technology, and Online Hosting Network offers technical solutions and support for clients who are not as tech-savvy themselves.

With regard to the CNN article, Online Hosting Network’s spokesperson notes that, while there is no guarantee that affiliate marketing will yield success, the industry is worth considering due to the fact that the job can be done from home and without rigid hours. For those dividing time between work and family care, this might prove ideal.

Online Hosting Network backs its technical service and support with a customer service team, something that is unique in the industry and attracts many clients who are new to affiliate marketing.


Online Hosting Network is a virtual resource that trains individuals in the field of affiliate marketing. In addition to providing access to affiliate offers from different networks, Online Hosting Network provides a customizable affiliate website to its users. Online Hosting Network is making the affiliate marketing field accessible to people who may not have a strong background in marketing or e-commerce, thanks in large part to its emphasis on customer service and technical support.

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