Econolite Launches Autoscope Duo

ANAHEIM, Calif.-( Business Wire )-

Econolite and Image Sensing Systems, Inc. (ISS) (NASDAQ:ISNS), today announced the introduction of Autoscope® Duo™, a first in a new generation of hybrid sensor technologies. Autoscope Duo converges the robust capabilities of radar and video to provide the highest detection accuracy in all conditions with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Autoscope Duo, an all-in-one, high performing detection system for the transportation industry, represents another industry innovation from the long-standing Econolite-ISS partnership. “The Econolite-ISS collaboration on Autoscope Duo is another example of a joint-effort product breakthrough, addressing and providing transportation agencies with powerful ITS solutions and a high return on their investment,” said Mike Doyle, Econolite Group Chief Executive Officer. “Focusing on helping agencies reduce traffic congestion while increasing safety and mobility is Autoscope Duo’s number one target.”

Autoscope Duo has been field-tested for nearly a year and has proven to be a superior alternative to in-ground detection systems. Integrating radar and video detection algorithms expands the benefits of non-intrusive detection, and ensures years of low maintenance when compared to the expense of installing and maintaining inductive loop detectors. Autoscope Duo also represents a gateway to employing new Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) programs.

Duo is introduced with a background that includes years of innovative development driven by the voice of our customers. To address the concerns of transportation agencies, we converge radar and video computer enabled detection to provide the highest levels of accuracy in all traffic, lighting, weather, and pavement conditions,” said Image Sensing Systems, Inc. President and CEO Ken Aubrey.

The Autoscope Duo Detection System uses intelligent decision logic to monitor the current operating conditions and to combine the best of radar with the best of video data, continuously—lane-by-lane and second-by-second. These two sensor technologies lead to significant performance improvements and provide the highest accuracy attainable for the demands of today’s most advanced intersection control requirements. Duo orders begin shipping early second quarter 2012.

About Econolite

In business since 1933, Econolite is a leading transportation solution provider and manufacturer of advanced traffic controllers (NEMA & ATC/2070), Centracs® and Aries® Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS), Autoscope® vehicle detection systems, RTMS®, arterial systems masters, vehicle and pedestrian signals, traffic control cabinets, data collection and management systems (DCMS.2), Intelligent Intersection™ technology, and a full line of transportation maintenance services. Econolite is committed to employing advanced technologies that reduce traveler time, ease congestion, enhance transit operations, provide safer mobility, and improve quality of life. For more information about Econolite, visit

About ISS

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. is a provider of software-based detection solutions for the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) sector and adjacent markets including security, police and parking. We have sold more than 120,000 units of our industry leading Autoscope® machine-vision, RTMS® radar and CitySync automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) products in over 60 countries worldwide. The depth of our experience coupled with the breadth of our product portfolio uniquely positions us to provide powerful hybrid technology solutions and to exploit the convergence of the traffic, security and environmental management markets. We are headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota. Visit us on the web at

Econolite and Image Sensing Systems, Inc.Frank Provenzano, Director of New

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