Conduent Collaborates with Amazon Web Services to Help Government Improve COVID-19

Written by Danny Abramov


March 26, 2020


Conduent Incorporated (NASDAQ: CNDT) announced Thursday that its disease surveillance and outbreak management platform, Maven®, is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). According to the Company, the Maven solution was recently configured to help public health agencies securely engage patients, and track, manage and report on cases and potential exposures of coronavirus (COVID-19).

“With COVID-19 confirmed cases now over 400,000 worldwide in more than 140 countries, public health agencies globally have a new problem to solve in keeping track of the exponential number of confirmed cases and the number of people who have come into close contact with an infected person,” said Mark Brewer, President, Global Public Sector Solutions, Conduent. “Tracing is often a manual and time-consuming process. Maven on AWS will help digitize the tracing, reporting and surveying of those who have come into contact with an infected person, making it easier for public health agencies to quickly operationalize their response protocols to curtail the spread of infection and better serve communities at scale while reducing costs.”

 Conduent indicates that the rapid deployment of Maven on the secure and resilient AWS Cloud provides new levels of agility and scalability, helping to speed up the implementation process for health organizations. Hosting Maven on AWS also speeds up the process for health agencies and organizations to perform contact tracing across an entire country, state, county, city or region securely and at scale. Conduent Maven on AWS utilizes technologies such as AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB) to distribute traffic to the Maven application running on top of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). The Maven COVID-19 module uses Amazon Relational Database Services (Amazon RDS) for MySQL as its datastore, to simplify set up and reduce database management costs.

“AWS is supporting our healthcare and life sciences customers and partners, including government agencies, by enabling them to increase the rate and scale at which they’re able to adopt new and existing solutions to the industry, speeding up the delivery of insight and the ability to intervene at critical care moments,” said Shez Partovi, M.D., Worldwide Director of Healthcare, Life Sciences and Genomics at AWS. “Solutions like Conduent’s Maven platform provide contact tracing information that will help public health agencies to quickly respond to COVID-19, ensuring the right healthcare agencies, clinicians and patients can take effective action. Being on AWS means Conduent can provision quickly in any AWS region around the world.”

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