Walmart to Test New Healthcare Services for Workers

Written by Haley Alber


October 3, 2019


In an effort to curb healthcare spending, Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) said it is rolling out a pilot program for its U.S. employees beginning January 1.

“From choosing a doctor and trying to get in for an appointment, to understanding medical bills, making sense of the American medical system can sometimes create as much stress as the issue needing care in the first place. Lack of clarity and transparency can often result in unnecessary procedures, wasting time and money and putting patients at risk for complications,” the Company said in a statement.

Walmart, America’s largest private employer, will connect patients with local physicians in an effort to cut down on its workers relying on word of mouth or social media to find a doctor. The Company will test its new program in parts of Arkansas, Florida and Texas.

Employees in North Carolina and South Carolina will try out a concierge service to address issues with billing and appointments, finding a provider, and understanding a diagnosis. Walmart said the assistant will also help with related needs like coordinating transportation to and from appointments.

In Colorado, Wisconsin and Minnesota, Walmart will expand its telehealth program which allows employees to connect with doctors via video chat for USD 4 per session.

In addition to its newly announced health care benefits, Walmart last month said all of its workers can apply for a health-related bachelor’s degree and two career diplomas through its education benefit program. Employees can then fill healthcare positions across Walmart and Sam’s Club.
The Company said its upskilled workforce will help the retailer make quality healthcare more affordable and accessible.

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